Mike's Story

Double Impact have to date been the foundation of my recovery from a lifetime of alcohol, solvent and in recent times, drug abuse.

My addiction took me to the jumping off point. I have made attempts on my life. I have put others' lives in danger. I have been prosecuted for a crime committed whilst under the influence. I have been sectioned and committed to a mental health hospital- the list goes on.

Today I am over 1 year, 8 months and 13 days clean and sober. I have recently successfully completed level 2 qualifications in mentoring and drug & alcohol awareness in individuals. I am working toward a level 2 Qualification in English and maths as well as being enrolled/working with Building Better Opportunities (BBO) who are helping prepare me to return to a work environment.

None of these amazing developments in my life would have happened without Double Impact Academy and the continued one-to-one support of their staff.

The service it is fair to say has saved my life.