Jane's story

Jane was dependent on New Psychoactive Substance (‘Legal Highs’) and found herself homeless and struggling with her mental health. As a result of this, she lost custody of her 6 year old daughter to her ex-partner however, she still had responsibility for her 2 year old.

Jane had heard about the Double Impact Academy and she made contact with our Recovery Connector in Skegness, who invited her to an information session about the opportunities that were available.

She found it really difficult at the beginning as she didn’t have a network around her to support her with childcare. The Academy team supported her to make an application to a local fund to cover her childcare costs. She was successful with this application and therefore able to continue where she left off.

Jane has now set herself a career goal of working with youth groups and young offenders. She has designed a detailed plan which includes achieving Level 1 and 2 ‘Progression’ qualifications and then studying towards a Level 3 Health and Social Care. She has set herself a timescale of 18 months and is already well on her way to achieving this.

She now says that she can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning and really appreciates the additional support she has been given to access our services.