Cara's Story

My name is Cara and I have been attending the academy for two years.  In 2017, I went into a two-week detox. However, after I completed the two-week detox, a few months had passed and I felt lost again.  I didn’t know where to turn.  After a while of trying to battle through on my own I went back into my old behaviours, lapsing, relapsing and my overall well-being was in a dangerous state, worse than it was before detox.

I fell deeper into my addiction with alcohol. I was very lost and had no direction in my life. I had hit rock bottom. At my lowest point I was homeless, jobless and lost all contact with my children and family. I was struggling with my mental health and was isolated from the outside world.

In June 2019 when I self-referred to Double Impact everything changed. Despite my initial apprehensions and my social anxiety, I went along and immediately felt so welcome. It was something I had never experienced before. I always felt that I never fitted in anywhere before and struggled a lot with my confidence and self-esteem. I started attending weekly groups, self-development courses and one to ones and over time my confidence started to grow. The fact that there were so many people that were in similar situations to myself was refreshing as they understood my struggles and everyone was willing to listen and offer support.

 I have had the confidence to complete many other courses and I am actively seeking employment. The support and encouragement from Double Impact made me feel that I could make something of myself and more importantly that I was a good person that deserved a life free from addiction. 

Although I can’t say for certain where I would be now without the support of Double Impact, I will say that I very much doubt I would be sober, have a roof over my head or have the relationship with my children I do today. Double Impact gave me a purpose and a reason to keep moving forward.

I have hope for the future at last, which is a big thing.