Abby's story

Abby, aged 33, came to Double Impact following a history of chaotic drug and alcohol use, convictions, and having two children removed from her.

She had just entered a residential rehab at the time we also took on her referral. This proved helpful later, when she left residential treatment, providing a link before she entered a day treatment programme, which she successfully completed. At this point she re-entered our service, very motivated to be the best mother she could be and not to return to the chaos she had come from. She was now pregnant.

Despite the challenges she faces, Abby has devised with us a full timetable of groups, courses, and appointments designed to prevent relapse and promote personal growth. After attending Double Impact’s Relapse Prevention, and Stress & Anger Management courses, as well as Arts and Women’s Groups, Abby has remained positive, substance-free, healthy and a positive influence on others in recovery around her. At the same time she has remained fully engaged and pro-active in working with services linked with child protection, while progressing steadily and safely towards her new volunteer role at a local hospital Day Centre and mentoring training with ourselves. Of her time with Double Impact, Abby says,

"It keeps me busy, there’s something to do every day, you can come and have a chat with staff – it’s a nice atmosphere. Although I am going through a lot I’m still laughing and smiling. I don’t want to go down that destructive road again."