Graham’s Blog – The Worcester City Half Marathon (16.09.2018)
Published at 18-09-2018

I suspected that any half marathon following the infamous Great North Run would feel like an anti-climax. With this in mind, and to combat that possibility, I decided to run the Worcester Half Marathon.

College studies make positive impact on rehabilitated students
Published at 13-09-2018

Tutors at West Nottinghamshire College have joined forces with Double Impact to offer rehabilitated drug and alcohol users with tailored support and learning – and the confidence to run their own event.

Graham’s Blog – The Great North Run (09.09.2018)
Published at 12-09-2018

All too quickly the Great North Run has come and gone from my schedule, and my bucket list: hundreds of charities being supported by thousands of volunteers and tens of thousands of runners doing 13.1 miles for all those great causes. So – what’s the Great North really like and does it live up to all the hype?

Graham’s Blog – The Kenilworth Half-Marathon (02.09.2018)
Published at 05-09-2018

September is always an important time for our charity as it is International Recovery Month and traditionally we highlight our work and celebrate addiction recovery.

Graham’s Blog – The Great Yarmouth Half-Marathon (12.08.2018)
Published at 16-08-2018

This time I went as far east in this country as you can go to take part in the Great Yarmouth Half Marathon.

Double Impact featured in this month’s DDN Magazine
Published at 12-07-2018

The July/August issue of Drink and Drug News is now available online and features a headline article written by Double Impact’s own Business Development Manager, Eleanor Youdell.

Graham’s Blog – The Leamington Spa Half-Marathon (01.07.2018)
Published at 03-07-2018

With the forecast of extremely hot conditions for the Leamington Spa Half-Marathon, this one would need to be treated with the utmost respect.

Graham’s Blog – The Humber Bridge Half-Marathon (24.06.2018)
Published at 27-06-2018

What a great day it turned out to be going up and over the Humber Bridge – twice! For some reason I didn’t really research any details of this race in advance, but the night before noticed a reference to ‘Cardiac Hill’ on Twitter.

Graham’s Blog – The Derby Half-Marathon (The Ramathon) (03/06/2018)
Published at 07-06-2018

With a forecast of hot and humid conditions, the Derby Half Marathon was always going to pose a challenge and ask some questions, and so it turned out.

Double Impact’s 20th Anniversary Spirit of Recovery Awards
Published at 29-05-2018

As part of Double Impact’s birthday celebrations, the 20th Anniversary Spirit of Recovery Awards took place at Nottingham’s magnificent Park Plaza Hotel.

Graham’s Blog – The Liverpool Rock’N’Roll Half-Marathon (20.05.2018)
Published at 23-05-2018

Where better to Rock ‘N’ Roll than at the Liverpool Half Marathon. With live music around every corner the miles seem to pass by a little quicker.

Graham’s Blog – The Leeds Half-Marathon (13.05.2018)
Published at 15-05-2018

The Leeds Half Marathon was part of a huge weekend for the Charity as we celebrated its 20th Birthday on Friday.