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- Paul B. -

“It gave me a sense of purpose, and the confidence to engage with the outside world and achieve self-respect which I hadn’t had for quite some time”

I started drinking at 14 years old, I drank normally until my first marriage break up. I fell into a group of heavy drinkers at a local wine bar it was still fun at that time. However, I became unhappy in my second marriage and tried to cover it up with more alcohol, obviously the wrong thing to do and it led to another break up. I couldn’t stand losing the children so tried to drink myself to death, it didn’t take long to become a full-blown alcoholic

I wanted to stop but couldn’t put it down. I made one attempt it was all or nothing, I went to rehab for four weeks, and they put me in contact with Double Impact. After four weeks in rehab, I was still lost and realised I had so much still to cope with. Double Impact helped me so much by guiding me through all the finical mess I’d made, also group meetings and one to one session’s made me understand I wasn’t alone. It gave me a sense of purpose and the confidence to engage with the outside world and regain my self-respect which I hadn’t had for quite some time. What double impact gave me at the beginning of my sobriety has helped me stay sober for the last 12 years.

The best things about being in recovery is to be able to have a lovely relationship with my two children. And to have the ability to help others in recovery in meetings and in person by sharing experience, strength and hope.

I know it’s hard to believe but you are not alone, there’s a lot of help out there you’ll feel understood and you won’t feel isolated. It is hard at first but nothing worthwhile has ever been easy.

The best thing I ever did!

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